25th January 2018

In the beginning, there were chatbots. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now becoming increasingly widespread in commercial communications – and is confronting marketing, CRM and e-commerce departments with new challenges. How can self-learning technologies drive marketing automation? What are the advantages for advertisers? And for the consumer? Do language assistants like Alexa soon make our purchasing decisions – based on automated, data-based recommendations? One thing is certain: Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the communications industry as well as the logistics, retail and healthcare sectors. The AI Masters is the AI conference for marketing and e-commerce decision makers in Germany. National and international AI experts share their experiences in selected lectures and discussions. Discover the possibilities of artificial intelligence in marketing and e-commerce!

01 Day

20+ Experts

2 Tracks


25. Januar 2018

What is the AI Masters?

  • The AI Masters is the first conference on artificial intelligence in marketing and e-commerce
  • Expertise and know-how in 16 lectures and discussions
  • National and international top speakers
  • 2 parallel tracks for marketing and e-commerce decision makers

AI moves into the marketing business. Are you ready for the disruption? Learn more about how you can use machine learning, neural networks, dynamic creations and personal assistants to drive your company’s marketing success.

Learn how AI drives the automation of marketing and how programmatic advertising and customer relationship management benefit from it! Insights & Knowledge – for the first time at the AI Masters 2018!

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